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The Sense of Place - the Earth Galleries


earth gallery natural history museum

Earth Gallery

Natural History Museum



With the re-introduction of the Lottery in the 1990's- Grand Schemes become the order of the day.

Analysis of the great projects suggests that Museums choose to spend their money largely on space!

Hugh, beautiful, interiors which add to the sense of place, the sense that a Museum is not longer just a place of information but has to be a 'destination' - a worthy place to visit. somewhere that is inspiring and that has a 'wow' factor.

In the face of new information sources and on-line experiences, the grand project, the landscape building gives a reason to physically visit. They provide a marketing device that fits our leisure based society.

As Museums rediscover the sense of place, they have begun the rediscovery of their buildings - the V&A has opened up the old vistas, removed partitions, restored old decorations and made a feature of the building.

At the Natural History Museum, the building is the star attraction and modern designers have delighted in contrasting the modern design aesthetic with the terracotta walls.

The Science Museum building, however remains lost behind false walls and ceilings.





Revised 1 May 2012

Lecture by Kevin Flude - prepared for 'Creative Practice in Narrative Environments'

MA course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design & developed for University College Worcester

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