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Erasmus on Relics - the first Tour Guides


henry 2 being scourged

Henry II being scourged for his part in the death of Thomas Becket

'And there was shown us the middle joint of a man's finger. ... He told me it was St Peter's.... I then took notice of the bigness of the joint which was large enough to be taken for that of a giant.

Upon which, said I, Peter must needs have been a very lusty man! At this, one of the compnay fell a laughing, I was much vexed at it, for if he had held his tonger the verger would have shewn us all the relics.

However we pacified him pretty well, by giving him a few groats.'

Erasmus at Walsingham




Lecture by Kevin Flude - prepared for 'Creative Practice in Narrative Environments'

MA course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design & developed for University College Worcester

Last updated 28 February 2008

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