. Nicholas Breton’s ” Fantasticks ” (1626) in Kalendar of Shepherds

The text from the Kalendar gives a great description of the nature of March as seen in the Jacobean era. We are still in Pisces

Attributes of Pisceans selfless, mystical compassionate imaginative sensitive
pisces from the zodiac from kalendar of shepherds
From the zodiac from kalendar of shepherds

The next section of the Kalendar gives a comparison between the ages of man and the months of the year. Twelve months in a year, Twelve ages of man in six year blocks. So March represents ages twelve to eighteen, as it says time to learn doctrine and science.

Kalendar of Shepherds (translation from French 15th Century original)

I introduce the Kalendar of Shepherds on this page.

Druids at All Hallows, by the Tower

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