Online Exhibitions 1 – Women at the heart of general practice

This is the first of a series of reviews of Online Exhibitions. What I am looking for is an online exhibition that I really enjoy the experience of. I want to enjoy wandering around it. I want to feel it is an event, something special. I want something that drives me forward to explore the ‘space’; to discover what is ‘around the corner’. To stop and linger at special ‘places’.

I must say I haven’t found one yet. And my apologies to those who have put their time and effort into their online exhibitions because I will seem over-critical because I am in search of a real on-line exhibition, that is a substitute for the real thing.

Women at the heart of General Practice is by the Royal College of General Practitioners.

It has a simple structure and contains informative text, images, objects, quotations and audio. So, as a resource it is very informative. But as an exhibition it doesn’t really do.

The design is weak, and probably partly at least because it is a web site and the dimensions of the screen change depending on circumstances. This is a major problem graphically. But also it does not have that sense of either wandering around browsing that a real exhibition has; nor the focus that the graphic design and layout of a real exhibition can give. So I am not inspired to put the time and effort in. There are also lots of options of ‘routes’ through the data and, to be honest, I can’t be bothered to do more than sample them. That’s my fault not the exhibition’s but indicative of a structure that I would say is not really an online exhibition, it is rather an online resource. And a good one.

Web screenshot from online exhibition

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