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Marketing a Museum


The Marking Mix or the 4 P's can be a useful starting point.

The 4 P's are often augmented by a 5th P - People and sometimes by 2 more to make 7.

Process and Physical Evidence (environment of selling - facilities, livery etc) and a possible 8th one which is packaging.

Are the 4 P's relevant to Museums? Or have the 4 P's been taken over by the new concept of relationship marketing?

Whatever the case the 4 P's are a useful starting point and a pointer to the essential fact that marketing is not just about advertising and letting people know about a product - it is also about making sure the product is suitable for the customer.

From a Museum perspective the Museum marketing has to identify target customers, and create a package that is attractive to that audience. This will involve looking at the Museum (the place), the Museum product (the displays and events in the Museum), the price (which includes costs such as travel and lunch costs), and the methods of promotion such as advertising, listings and free publicity






Last Updated 20 April 2010

Lecture by Kevin Flude - prepared for 'Creative Practice in Narrative Environments'

MA course at Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design & developed for University College Worcester

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