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I  have not yet had time to load the vast content of the old site, but I am working on it!  But you can read the original blog here .

This site is about London, archaeology, history and literary history, and more generally, heritage and museums.


And Did Those Feet has extensive experience of working in the heritage field. It has run several small museums, provided consultancy for many museums and leading heritage organisations. and managed many event programmes, lectures, walks,  cultural study tours, and conferences.

Kevin Flude lectures at:

Central St Martins College on the M.A. For Narrative Environments course

He is currently running a project in conjunction with the British Museum on Room 3 and the Tokyo Olympics.

University of Westminster on the ‘Londinium to the Blitz’ module.

He is delivering a 10 week course on the History of Museums to Stevenage Art Society.

He is a former Honorary Lecturer at UCL and Associate Lecturer at the University of Worcester on the Museums module.


More can be found on the heritage web site here:

Walks, Tours and Events

The good news is that I am doing my fifth season of Virtual Guided Walks. On the other hand I had to cancel my first season of outdoor walks since Covid and am, as yet, reluctant to put my feet back in the water.  .  For more details of the programme click here:

I have a large repertory of walks, tours, and lectures  in my backpack.   I mostly give them for two excellent organisations. London Walks, and Road Scholar.

I will begin physical walks again on once it is allowed and safe.     

My next study tour for Road Scholar is …. Well who knows, (hopefully Sept 2021) but ?

Physical Walks for London Walks

When they begin again I should be doing one every Thursday   – an archaeology walk at 2.30 and a history and literature one in the evening at 6.30.   I am sharing them with a colleague so I will be doing every other week.  And then I hope to have a series of special walks.

Virtual Walks for London Walks

My new series of Virtual Walks begins in May but I have walks throughout April as well.  April is mostly archaeology and May has a literary theme.    More details of the programme click here:


Road Scholar Programmes

Once upon a safe time in the summer I gave a programme  called ‘London’s Neighbourhoods‘  which is a great short tour of London with a day in the East End taking in the Street Art, a Day in the City, Greenwich and Bermondsey.

Also, I led  one called ‘Quintessential Britain’ which takes in London, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Cotswold, Chester, Wales, Haworth, York, Edinburgh and other places en route.

A complete list of my repertory of walks. lectures, study tours can be found here:


For more details see blog post:



Archaeology – The Usborne Young Scientist’. Usborne 1984  Barbara Cork, Struan Reid, Iain Ashman, Dr Anne Millard and Kevin Flude

Citisights Guide to London. Ten Walks through London’s Past’ Virgin Books. 1991. Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert (republished 2001 Authors Choice Press)

To buy click here:

In Their Own Words – A Literary Companion To The Origins Of London‘ D A Horizons, 2009.  Kevin Flude

To buy Kindle version click here.  To buy paperback follow this link


Cover of Kevin Flude's 'In their Own Words'
A Literary Companion to the origins of London


Divorced, Beheaded, Died …the History Of Britain’s Kings And Queens in Bite-sized chunks’ Michael O’mara Books, 2009. Kevin Flude   To buy click here

The Four Humours of Shakespeare‘ Feedaread.com, 2014.  Kevin Flude

To buy pamphlet email kpflude AT anddidthosefeet.org.uk

For my fictional works click here



This has been a long time coming and only made possible by the need to go Virtual during the Pandemic. I have never done a prehistoric walk around London as such. I have done sections of it, and given lectures on the subject. But they were mostly overviews. This has therefore been a challenge putting …

Neolithic Houses at Kingsmead Quarry, Horton

I don’t know how I missed this site, as it was reported in archaeological magazines I read, but it is an amazing multi-period site in the Thames Valley. Excavations before gravel extraction have shown a particularly amazing sequence of Neolithic and Bronze Age discoveries. They found 4 or 5 early Neolithic Houses, about 15% of …


Sunday 18th April 2021 6.30pm An exploration of what happened at the end of the Roman Period, and how the City became first deserted, and then a Saxon, German speaking English City. The first British Brexit?   The Roman Britons kicked out the Romans in 407AD, and, soon, asked them to come back after a catastrophic …