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Originally, the term used was computerisation. then a few years ago IT turned into ICT. Computerisation was about automating processes using computers. It changed into IT with the realisation that computerisation was about the data as much as the machine, and that computerisation only worked when put within an information policy.

A few years ago IT turned into ICT - this came about with the convergence of technologies between computers, phone and fax systems, networks and internet it was not longer possible to separate the telcoms industry from the computer industry, and so IT became ICT.

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ICT fact sheets from the MDA.

Aim Focus Paper 'ICT for Museums':


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The ancient world's economy was driven by olives and wine; the industrial world by iron, steel and coal, the late 20th Century world by silicon chips, and the 21st world by software.

Shaping Europe's Future Through ICT

'ICT is the constitutive technology of the first half of this Century much like electricity and combustion machines have been in the last'.

Korea government ICT policy

ICT's contribution to the Korea economy has grown from 0 to 15% since 1980. It is responsible for 37% of the growth in the Korea economy.

In Kerala in India the state government is focusing on open source software and providing internet access to all educational institutes and villages:

'The Government is planning to establish an International Centre for Free Software and Computing for Development, ITES Training Centre in Kochi, Kerala, India. Under this policy, the government will expand the Internet in all educational institutes and villages by 2010. The government is planning to set up around 3,000 broadband-enabled information hubs called Akshaya e-Centres. The government is also expanding the Technopark in Thiruvananthapuram and Infopark in Kochi, India. The policy is mainly focused on e-Governance, free software and development of appropriate technologies.'

ICT, Economic Growth and Poverty Reduction
Essay by John Daly



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