And Did Those Feet has extensive experience of working in the heritage field. It has run several small museums, provided consultancy for many museums and leading heritage organisations. and managed many event programmes, lectures, walks, cultural study tours, and conferences.

Kevin Flude lectures at:

Central St Martins College on the M.A. For Narrative Environments course

I have worked on projects in collaboration with a range of organisations including the British Museum, Camden Council and the National Trust.

University of Westminster on the ‘Londinium to the Blitz’ module.

I recently gave a 10 week course on the History of Museums to Stevenage Art Society

I am a former Honorary Lecturer at UCL and Associate Lecturer at the University of Worcester on the Museums module.

More can be found on the heritage web site here:

Walks, Tours and Events

I have a huge range of Lectures, Guided Walks and Study tours which I do or have done. Currently, I am doing Study Tours for Road Scholar, Guided and Virtual Walks for London Walks and University courses for Westminster University and Central St. Martins.

You will find details of upcoming walks and events by following this link:

Walks for London Walks

I do guided and virtual walks for London Walk every so often and on Thursday I do a regular archaeology walk.

Thursdays Archaeology Walk

Every Thursday at 6.30 we are doing an Archaeology Walk around the City of London.  I am doing every other week, and a  colleague, Leo Heaton the other week.    To book, Thursday night click here

Road Scholar Programmes

My next study tour for Road Scholar is, at last!, in the calendar.  One of my pre-Covid tours has been reinstated and so I will be doing  ‘Quintessential Britain’ which takes in London, Oxford, Bath, Stonehenge, Cotswold, Chester, Wales, Haworth, York, Edinburgh and other places en route several times from May to October.



Britain’s Kings And Queens in Bite-sized chunks‘ Michael O’mara Books, 2021 (Reprint). Kevin Flude   To buy click here

Divorced, Beheaded, Died …the History Of Britain’s Kings And Queens in Bite-sized chunks’ Michael O’mara Books, 2009. Kevin Flude   To buy click here

The Four Humours of Shakespeare‘, 2014.  Kevin Flude To buy  email kpflude AT

Citisights Guide to London. Ten Walks through London’s Past’ Virgin Books. 1991. Kevin Flude and Paul Herbert (republished 2001 Authors Choice Press)

To buy click here:

In Their Own Words – A Literary Companion To The Origins Of London‘ D A Horizons, 2009.  Kevin Flude

To buy Kindle version click here.  To buy paperback click on the paypal link below or  email kpflude AT



Cover of Kevin Flude's 'In their Own Words'
A Literary Companion to the origins of London

Archaeology – The Usborne Young Scientist’. Usborne 1984  Barbara Cork, Struan Reid, Iain Ashman, Dr Anne Millard and Kevin Flude

For my fictional works click here


British Museum is talking about a deal with Greece over the Parthenon Marbles

AKA the Elgin Marbles. All my life it seems as if we haven’t been talking to Greece about sending them home. Recently, there was a strong dismissal of any such hope. But today, I read that the British Museum is open to discussion. Statements from the Deputy Jonathan Williams and even the Chairman, ex Tory …

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