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Cunliffe, E., Kritou, E., and Tudhope, D. Usability Evaluation for Museum Web Sites. Museum Management & Curatorship, 2001. INST ARCH Teaching Collection 3178 (this journal is also available on-line)

On interactivity:

Meadows. Mark Stephen 'Pause & Effect - The Art Of Interactive Narrative' New Riders, Indianapolis 2003

Hughes, Bob 'Dust Or Magic: Secrets Of Successful Multimedia Design [paperback] ' Addison Welsey,2000

On Design:

Williams , Robin 'The Non-designer's Design Book: Design And Typographic Principles For The Visual Novice ' Peachpit Press, Berkeley, 2nd Edition, 2003

Williams , Robin and Tollett, John 'The Non-designer's Web Book: An easy guide to creating, designing and posting your own web site' Peachpit Press, Berkeley, 3rd Edition, 2005


The Museum Virtual Tour Design Guide:



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Coverdale bible

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