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In 1996 all OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) companies were said to be moving towards a 'knowledge economy'. The Knowledge Industries are believed to give competitive advantage in all sources of industry, all regions from agrictulture to retail as well as ICT and bio-technology. The enthousiasm for the 'new economy' was somewhat diluted by the dot.com crash, but as globalisation exploits cheap labour sources, developed and developing economies have to change their economic models to maintain their wealth.

So, the pattern has been basic manufacturing moving to cheaper areas like China and the developed economies moving increasingly into services and high value knowledge based industries.

However, there are problems. For example, Korea which based its tiger economy on 'replicating' - taking western technology and making it better and cheaper, now sees that model of a low wage economy being taken by China. Japan has moved from production to a knowledge economy. So is there a place for Korea as the economy changes? Similarly, Europe which invests less in high tech Research and Development than North America or Asia, and is losing its industry to Europe, faces difficulty holding onto its priviledge position.

See - Defining the Knowledge Economy


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Defining the Knowledge Economy

Case studies - museums and the knowledge economy

Knowledge Society and Heritage

Investing in Knowledge, Museums, Libraries and Archives in the 21st Century

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The terms have come into being a response to the increasing use of games, and interactives in exhibitions, museums, science centres etc which are changing from a traditional didactic approach to an approach whereby information is learnt in a fun way. Another influence is constructivism - an educational theory which accepts that learning is individual and best done by doing.

'Infotainment, combining information with entertainment, is a fairly recent neologism for a television program, Web site feature, or other presentation that combines information with entertainment.' http://whatis.techtarget.com/0,,sid9_gci538342,00.html

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Edutainment needs to be VARK.

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