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Web 2.0 and Participation in a Post Modern World

Web 2.0 was coined by O'Rreilly media- on their web site they say

'it's a transformative force that's propelling companies across all industries towards a new way of doing business characterized by user participation, openness, and network effects.'

A more technical definition is given by TechEncloypedia

One key aspect is the development of the internet so that users can play a full part in providing content for a web site. Traditionally, the content of a web site was created by the owner - the user was simply a passive reader or receiver of the content. Wikipedia, MySpace, YouTube and other social networking sites transformed the situation - the user was central to the web experience - either providing the content as in wikipedia and YouTube or in my space and face book participating in active networks to create a fun experience.


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O'Reilly Media


  Participaton Links & Images

Web 2.0 - participative - there is no longer 1 voice, or multiple voices, the thing now is participation - allow everyone a voice. See Kimind Consulting's blog He reports:

'... ScotT Mc Nealy, former SUN’s CEO, declares on February 24 2006 , on the occasion of the twenty four years of the company :

“The biggest industry trend in the IT sector is the move from the Internet world to the participation age […] With regard to the move away from the “Internet age” to the participation age, in which instant messaging, blogging, e-mail and podcasting are the norm, McNealy said this move was a good and positive thing and would enhance all forms of media.”.

The Digital Museum: A Think Guide, edited by Herminia Din and Phyllis Hecht

women's library debate

Women's Library Exhibition

Kimind Consulting's blog

Rethinking Interactivity Design For Participation in Museums and Galleries

Can Museums allow online users to become participants?





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