Reconstruction of the newly discovered Thermopolium at Pompeii

posted on YouTube by Pablo Aparicio.

Salon Issue 466 from the Society of Antiquaries says:

‘Choices for dinner from this thermopolium would have included duck, goat, pig, fish, and land snails, all of which were found in the deep terracotta jars embedded in the stone counter. It appears that wine was also on offer; fava beans, which were used to modify the taste of wine, were been found in a different container.’


A silhouette of a Zeppelin caught in searchlights over the City of London

Here is the Podcast for the Zeppelin Nights Virtual walk.

The live Virtual Walk is taking place Sunday 14th March 2021 at 6.30.

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Sunday 14 March 2021 6.30pm

8th of September 1915, the Zeppelin dropped its first bombs near Russell Square and we follow it to its last bomb at Liverpool Street. On the way we discover London in World War 1

On the night of September 8th Kapitanleutnant Henreich Mathy pilotted Zeppelin L 13 across Central London dropping bombs as they went. The trail of destruction lead from University College London, via Russell Sq. to Gray’s Inn Farringdon, Smithfield and out past Liverpool Street to the East End.  The walk follows the route taken by the Zeppelin and looks at Central London during the World War 1.

Before World War One London was the centre of the largest Empire the world had ever known. It was the first great era of globalisation; international trade and Finance was booming. London was full of the mega-rich but poverty and sub-standard housing was extensive. Inner London was still the home of Industry, and home to large immigrant communities. Political dissent was widespread with the Labour Party beginning to erode the Liberal Party’s power base, and the issue of Female Suffragette was rocking society. Then, catastrophe as ‘the lights went out all over Europe’.

How would the War affect London? How would Londoners cope with this terrifying new form of warfare – death from above?

We begin our virtual tour at Russell Square Tube and follow the path of the bombing raid to Liverpool Street, looking at London, before, during and after World War One.

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The Ultimate RAF London Blitz Story

Black and white photo from a german plane above another german bomber over docklands in the Blitz

Ray Holmes, Word War 2 RAF Pilot, flying a Hurricane took on three Luftwaffe Bombers Pilot over Central London, ran out of bullets and downed the last plane by ramming its tail.

The Dornier Bomber crashed into Victoria Station, 2 of the crew survived by bailing out. Holmes’ plane dived out of control but the Pilot managed to get out of his plane and open his parachute.

Story, with pictures, told in full here.