Coat of Arms of Royal Africa Company
Coat of Arms of Royal Africa Company

​ ​I used to think that asking compensation for past wrongs was not a good idea, after all where would we draw the lines?  Currently, we seem to draw that line in 1933.
Then I heard about the

Legacies of British Slave-ownership project – UCL

What this revealed was that the British Government borrowed money (from Rothschild which they only paid back recently) ​some £20m if I remember correctly.
We have the list of the beneficiaries of compensation for their loss of OWNERSHIP of human beings.  So we, the people, funded compensation of exploiters of human misery.

​£20m is perhaps £16 billion in today’s money.

So what would be so terrible about,  we, the people,  setting up a charitable fund with £16billion capital to fund, say, the removal of barriers to equal opportunity in Britain, the West Indies and Africa.

Funded by Government borrowing.

​As to Statues.  Case by Case examination of the issues, by citizens panel guided by expert opinions.

Options to include:

1. Removal to a museum display where contextual information can be clearly displayed.

2. Erection of new plinth with appropriate information

3. Creation of a new statue nearby to make a suitable display representing the issues

4. Resiting of statue with an explanatory panel.

5. Leaving in place with an explanatory panel.

6 Leaving as is

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