The Art of Sickbed writing

Nutritious National Health food, called Fish Pie. By contrast the apple crumble and custard was delicious.

The Guardian has recently written a piece on this subject which I am following as I recover from the hernia operation. I found publishing from my phone from the hospital bed surprisingly easy as it was the first time I had used the phone for writing the Almanac of the Past

My typing on the computer is fast but very, very inaccurate and clumsy and full of revision and cutting and pasting and rewriting and typos. So its quite hard work bashing it into shape. But I found it much easier on the phone, with the fingers of one hand being less prone to error and, in some strange way, more directly attached to the part of my head that composes the text into something vaguely readable. But it is more difficult to add the images. I have now been at home for 4 days and my phone is dying (I am well!) so back to normal methods.

Today, I have been completely revising the entry for February 3rd St Blaise’s day with a few thoughts as to why the stories of the Martyr Saints are so very gory.