Free Metropolitan Hospital, Hackney

Photo of Metropolitan House built in 1886 part of the Free Metropolitan Hospital Hackney (as was)
Part of the Metropolitan Hospital

I have walked past this building many times, and only just decided to find out what it was.

It was a Free Hospital, founded by Jonathan Fry, a son of Elizabeth Fry, to provide medical treatment for the poor. It was originally founded in 1836, and had various sites – Carey Street, Bishopsgate, Spitalfields before moving to Kingsland Road Hackney, near my home.

Its mission? ‘to grant immediate relief to the sick poor of every nation and class whatever may be their diseases, on presenting themselves to the charity without letter of recommendation; such letters being always procured with difficulty and often after dangerous delay’.

It became part of the NHS when it was established after WW2 and then closed in 1977.

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  1. Thank you Kevin . Such interesting facts and discoveries that you share with us are so appreciated. The British never cease to amaze me, in seeking equal rights for the disfranchised..justice even inconvenient ..or unpopular.
    The abolition of slaves, and free hospital access to the poor.
    I have been enjoying your talks over the past two years, since a good friend recommended you to me. Cheers!

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