Chinese New Year February 10th

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The Chinese New Year is a lunar festival that falls on the second new moon after the winter solstice. However, not always. The need to keep the lunar and the solar years in some sort of sync means they add in intercalary months from time to time, in which case the Chinese New year will fall on the third new moon after the winter solstice.

If you look at the chart you will see this is the year of the dragon, the wood dragon, representing both wood and earth, which are, to some extent, in conflict. To find out more and for predictions of the year, look here:

First written in January 2023 and revised in February 2024.

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One Reply to “Chinese New Year February 10th”

  1. In fact, as the Chinese year doesn’t coincide with the Occidental calender, one must look at the month and day as well.
    It struck me today, so I checked and saw that I was born in the year of the 🐐, and not, as I’d always thought, that of the 🐵!

    That will, undoubtedly, change my outlook …🤔

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