To Concordia on the Day of Peace January 17th

“To Concordia,¹ the Sixth Legion, Victorious, Loyal and Faithful and the Twentieth Legion [dedicates this].”
“To Concordia,the Sixth Legion, Victorious, Loyal and Faithful and the Twentieth Legion [dedicates this].”


The 17th January is also the Day of Peace for the Goddesses Felicitas, Pax, and Concordia. Concordia was the Roman goddess of conciliation and harmony, and it is interesting that the only examples of altars to Concordia in Britain occur where there were detachments of troops from more than one Roman legion posted in the same place’ as in Corbridge and Carlisle. (The Gods of Roman Britain)

Before we read Ovid’s ‘Fasti’ first note that he locates the Day on the 16th January rather than the Book of Goddesses which puts her on the 17th. The translator of the Fasti, A. S. Kline, explains that the Goddess Concord:

‘symbolised the harmonious union of citizens. A temple was erected to her in 367BC (on the Capitol, near the temple of Juno Moneta) It was erected by Marcus Furius Camillus at the time when the plebeians won political equality. The Temple of Concord was restored by the Emperor Tiberius from his German spoils in AD10.

Book I: January 16
Radiant one, the next day places you in your snow-white
Near where lofty Moneta lifts her noble stairway:
Concord, you will gaze on the Latin crowd’s prosperity,
Now sacred hands have established you.
Camillus, conqueror of the Etruscan people,
Vowed your ancient temple and kept his vow.
His reason was that the commoners had armed themselves,
Seceding from the nobles, and Rome feared their power.
This latest reason was a better one: revered Leader,
Offered up her dishevelled tresses, at your command:
From that, you dedicated the spoils of a defeated race,
And built a shrine to the goddess that you yourself
A goddess your mother honoured by her life, and by an
She alone worthy to share great Jupiter’s couch.

Book I: January 17
When this day is over, Phoebus, you will leave Capricorn,
And take your course through the sign of the WaterBearer.

Today is also Twelfth Night Old style which is the date of the celebration of the last night of Christmas according to Julian Calendar which was replaced by the Gregorian in 1752. So Old Style time to Wassail the Orchard!

First written in Jan 2023, revised and republished in Jan 2024

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